April 11, 2011

Psalm 62:8

Trust in Him at all times, O peoples; pour out your heart to Him;
God is a refuge for us.
Psalm 62:8

The word “times” in this verse denotes a “season” or “opportunity”. The psalmist David implores us to trust the Lord at every opportunity, in every season of life. He also makes a very valuable connection between our volitional will and emotions: to truly place your trust in the Lord, it must involve honest transparency with God concerning your heart, not merely offering lip service.

He urges the people of Israel to “pour” (literally, to “spill forth”) out their hearts – all their concerns, thoughts, emotions, and desires – before God, because God is a refuge. He is a safe place for everything you may be experiencing and feeling. He is not afraid of the strength of your sorrow or anger; He does not shy away. He is a Shield and place of protection for those who run to Him.

Have you poured out your heart to Him and taken refuge in Him?

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  1. I loved reading again...He does NOT shy away from our hurt. Thank you for this, Erin!