In October of 2010 Blair and Erin Cushman, while in labor with their first child, lost the heartbeat of their daughter Gwendolyn and were rushed in for an emergency c-section. Gwendolyn was revived and lived in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 36 hours before passing away. While in the hospital and following Gwendolyn’s death, Erin and Blair were overwhelmed with love by a community of friends and strangers who were informed of their loss. Many were praying, sending emails, texts, and messages via Facebook, sent financial assistance, provided meals, cleaned the house, and set up memorial funds, thereby providing emotional, spiritual, and physical support for the grieving couple.
Blair and Erin were so moved by the support they received and the encouragement of fellow Christian believers. Having a solid community of people surrounding them, and faith in Jesus Christ, who gives hope to the hopeless, has continually sustained them in the months that have followed Gwendolyn’s death. Having been deeply impacted by their daughter’s death, but desiring to have beauty rise from her ashes, they established Hope Mommies.
Hope Mommies seeks to provide a community for women and families that have experienced infant loss, sharing the hope of Jesus Christ and creating a network of support to help with emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of a grieving family.