June 22, 2011

new happenings

Hello Friends!

I'm excited about writing and telling you all the thoughts of the day. Since Mother's Day, I've been overwhelmed with summer camp and haven't had as much time to devote to praying/brainstorming for Hope Mommies. But today the Lord has given me a lot of ideas and I'm excited about all of them!

Currently, our amazing Creative Director, Constance, is at work to design our brochures. Once those are printed, they'll be going in a variety of mailers/boxes, etc:

1. Hospitals
We want to contact local hospitals and ob/gyn offices and offer our information. As much as it pains us to know of the new Hope Moms added to our number each day, we want each of them to know that there is truly Hope to be found in such a deep loss. We'll be sending participating hospitals and offices our brochures and Hope Mommies bracelets.

2. Speaking of bracelets...
We have www.hopemommies.org bracelets! The bracelets have our website and the word "seventy" - the number of women each day that lose a child from miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. Skip your venti latte for one day and buy a bracelet here. Help raise awareness and bring hope!

3. Birthdays
Hope Mommies has been on the hunt for something very special for birthdays this year. We all know that our sweet baby's first birthday (and all birthdays following) is going to be heartbreaking. While no gift can come close to filling that hole, we do know the One who does, and He's a gift giver. So following the suit of our Savior, who gives good things, we want to give something special to each Hope Mom on her baby's birthday. Details are still being worked out, but I'll update you soon!

4. Boxes
We want to be able to send a little something to each Hope Mom that we hear of. After we get our brochures printed, our plan is to put together a Hope Box which will include a brochure, bracelet, a Bible with special "Hope Mom passages" already bookmarked, and another helpful resource or two. More details to come!

5. Retreats
Let's just say that we're scheming. :)

We're excited about the new ideas and opportunities that God's given us to help bring Hope to hurting Moms! If you want to be a part of the ministry, please check out our Donate page, or email Erin with any questions!

May the Lord be brought glory from our efforts, and may the broken know the Healer.


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